Caring for your favourite asset.

Keeping up to date with the required maintenance is essential to protecting one of your most significant investments, your home.

Gtee streamlines this process, reminding you when essential maintenance is due and keeping a digital record of the interior and exterior products used in your home. Completing maintenance helps ensure your product warranties remain valid and reduces the likelihood of expensive repairs in the future. Keep scrolling to learn more.

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Gtee benefits for homeowners.

Friendly reminders

Gtee will send you reminders when essential maintenance falls due or is overdue. You will also get a reminder if you have never logged into Gtee or have become inactive. You can then log onto Gtee to see precisely what needs to be done and when.

24/7 access

Being a digital service, you can access Gtee 24/7 from anywhere you can get online. No more searching for the box of paperwork that disappeared into the garage shortly after you moved in.

Automatic updates

If a supplier or manufacturer changes any of their maintenance requirements or recommendations Gtee will update the info, and it will instantly be added to everyone’s Gtee account.

Upload documents

You can upload your own information into Gtee. This should include evidence of completed maintenance, such as photos or contractor invoices. You can upload any info that relates to your property and its products. Files can be dragged and dropped.

Add new products

If you purchase new products or do additional work in the future, you can add the info on these to your Gtee account.

Paperless solution

Your Gtee account contains thousands of digital pages of warranty and maintenance info — no need to store these in printed format. You can, however, print important documents if you want too.

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