Digital warranty and maintenance info for your build.

Gtee automatically collects & collates all the warranty and maintenance info for the products used in your build, plus we’ll remind the owner when important maintenance falls due.

Who we work with.

Gtee works with building companies of all sizes. From twenty Group Home Builder brands, large regional building companies, and one-man bands.

More than 500 companies have listed over 12,000 builds in Gtee.

Our national partners:

What we do.

Why use Gtee.

Save time.

Quickly and easily select the products used in a build from our product library. All the relevant warranty and maintenance info for each product will automatically be transferred to the Gtee account.

The whole process should only take 15-20 minutes, much quicker than collating everything manually.

Maintenance reminders and 24/7 owner access.

The owner of your build will have 24/7 access to Gtee. They can see all product, warranty and maintenance info and will be reminded automatically whenever essential maintenance falls due. They will also be reminded if they have overdue maintenance and/or haven’t logged into their Gtee account.

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Meet all your legal requirements.

All warranty and maintenance notifications sent to the owner are recorded. This means there are no disputes over whether or not they’ve been given all the info they need to keep their home in good knick.

As a result, the Gtee system covers all your legal requirements and some.

Here’s a few of Gtee’s features.

Build templates

Create a template to speed up loading a new build.

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Upload documents

Upload any extra info specific to your build. Like site-specific warranties, plans, specifications, and compliance documents.

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Notification history

Easily view all maintenance notifications that have been sent to your clients.

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Sub-contractor list

Create a contact list of all the sub-contractors involved in your builds. You can choose to share these with your clients.

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Learn more about how the platform works.

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